Battery Storage Installation

    General Installation

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    DC Coupled Storage Systems

    DC Coupled storage is connected to the DC side of a PV system, directly between the PV modules and the inverter's DC input.

    These types of systems monitor energy levels in the building. They will use any surplus energy to recharge the batteries during the day and discharge them during periods when energy consumption levels are higher than energy production levels.

    AC Coupled Storage Systems

    An AC-coupled storage system still requires a DC battery, but this battery is located on the AC side of the building.

    In this setup, a battery will be connected to an AC-coupled inverter, which acts in reverse of a normal PV inverter, converting AC to DC so that the battery can store it. AC energy can be supplied from the grid or an existing PV inverter on the property, depending on what mode of operation the system is running in.


    A Hybrid inverter is a PV inverter and battery charger rolled into one unit.

    A Hybrid inverter combines the functionalities of a PV inverter and a battery charger within a single unit. While the batteries remain connected on the DC side, they can be charged from the AC supply. This offers more flexibility in battery sizing compared to systems that solely rely on surplus PV energy. Moreover, the system size is determined by the rated AC output of your Hybrid inverter, regardless of the battery capacity of choice.

    Grid Connection Requirements

    The following DNO rules apply when connecting battery storage to the grid:

    • Suppose an AC-coupled storage inverter is added to a property, and the combined rating of any existing PV inverter and the new storage inverter exceeds 16A per phase. In that case, the G99 grid connection application must be completed before the installation.
    • If the AC-coupled inverter has a rating of less than 16A per phase, it will need a G98 certificate.
    • DNO does not need to be notified when adding DC-coupled storage that doesn't change the AC rating connected to the grid.

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