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    The TS HV 30/50/80 E Series energy storage system boasts a remarkable integrated management system and offers modular storage capacities reaching the megawatt-hour range. This enables precise customisation of the system to meet specific requirements, whether it's dynamic peak load shaving, time-of-use optimisation, zero export functionality, or backup power scenarios. While the system already includes a wide range of standard applications, opting for the pro package opens up endless possibilities for utilisation. With its impressive capabilities, the Tesvolt is more than capable of tackling the most challenging tasks.


    • TESVOLT offer 30, 50 and 80 kWh rack modules allowing for the best configuration for business requirements 
    • Up to 40 rack modules in any configuration


    • Peak load shaving – a smart way of reducing consumption peaks at 15-minute intervals and making full use of storage systems
    • Time of use – time-dependent use of energy features and services
    • Charging station control – smart control of multiple charge points and central control via the TESVOLT Energy Manager
    • Forecast-based charging - depending on the weather forecast, curtailment losses from photovoltaic installations are avoided, and self-consumption is optimised

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