Sandtoft 3

    In 2008, Wienerberger invested in roof tile manufacturing with the acquisition of a majority stake in Sandtoft UK. Within their product range, they offer sleek, seamless, and speedy in-roof solar systems that combine panels, inverters and batteries into a single comprehensive package.

    Ethically manufactured to SA8000 standard and BREcertified, their in-roof solar system is compatible with all Wienerberger roof tiles and fitted directly onto the roof battens. Zero-fuss installation takes less than a minute per panel, resulting in a contemporary aesthetic that performs as well as it looks.


    • Stunning integrated look
    • Easier to install than both conventional on-roof and in-roof systems
    • Optimally sized and lightweight
    • Superior wind resistance 
    • No need for plastic components or adhesives, which suffer degradation over time
    • Fewer components than on-roof & in-roof systems reduce potential points of failure.

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