Barrel Vault

    Barrel Vault

    Barrel Vault
    Barrel Vault Barrel Vault

    The Barrel Vault is a curved rooflight the height of which is 1/5th the span of the rooflight. They are generally supplied in double or triple glazed polycarbonate. Our Barrel vaults are high-quality, continuous rooflights designed to maximise natural light. Suitable for flat roofs of varying materials including single ply, felt, hot-melt, asphalt, liquid, GRP and lead. Barrel Vaults can span widths up to 6m wide and unlimited length.


    • Comes in a wide range of profiles and glazing options to meet virtually any requirements
    • Upstand finished in EVA coated aluminium 
    • Tested and are classed as NON - FRAGILE Class B. To ACR(M)001:2005 Test for Fragility of Roofing Assemblies
    • Can be finished in any standard RAL colour 

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