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    Access/Escape Hatch

    Access Hatch
    Access Hatch Access Hatch

    Our Roof Access Hatches provide safe access to and from roof areas. The Ladderway access hatch provides access for vertical ladders, with the larger Ladderway sizes available to facilitate the easy movement of equipment into and out of a building. The Stairway access hatch provides access to stairs, and the length of opening provides headroom for use with stairways from 30° to 75°.


    • Highly insulated upstand 0.36 W/m².K
    • Impact-resistant to EN1873 - 1200 Joules
    • Available in 18 standard sizes
    • Solid insulated cover or glazing
    • Locking or non-locking from inside and outside
    • Open hold and release arm
    • Available with aluminium upstands 

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