Qcells is a standout manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) solar cells with a 25-year solar pedigree, and, like many other leaders in this sector, they've developed a total energy solution portfolio.


    • Useable capacity - 6.86 kWh
    • 95% depth of discharge
    • Efficiency - 96.3% round trip
    • Dimensions – 700mm x 460mm x 221mm
    • Weight - 61.1 kg
    • 15-year warranty 


    • Easy and fast installation
    • Floor or wall mounting
    • Competitive round-trip efficiency all-around system
    • The algorithm maximises energy yields by incorporating real-time weather information
    • Excellent system reliability with Samsung SDI battery cells
    • Scalable battery from 6.8 kWh, 13.7 kWh and 20.5 kWh to suit specific energy consumption 
    • Seamless operation mode conversion for continuous and stable backup without ATS on both circumstances, grid fault and restoration

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