ATESS Power Technology Co., Ltd is a leading renewable energy company that focuses on developing and manufacturing storage, inverters, and EV chargers. ATESS provides integrated energy storage solutions, including hybrid all-in-one solutions and battery inverters from 10 kW up to 600 kW, which are applicable for rooftop applications and utility-grade ground mount projects. As an added benefit, their online monitoring system enables clients to monitor, manage and debug their systems remotely, significantly improving the operation and maintenance efficiency and ensuring the system's stability and lifespan.


    • Three sizes available: 30 kW, 50 kW and 100 kW - allow for a maximum of 600 kWh system capacity
    • All-in-one hybrid inverter – battery, load, grid, and solar connection all supported


    • Programmable working mode – peak shaving, back up, use the system however required
    • Touchscreen LCD for more convenient parameter setting and maintenance
    • Seamless transfer of uninterruptable power supply guaranteed
    • If one inverter fails in a parallel system, the other(s) takes over
    • Supports remote control of DG
    • Scalable design – quadruple capacity by paralleling four units

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