Smoke Vent

    Smoke Vents

    Double Leaf
    Double Leaf RLB-R-Right-Solid RSL-C-LEFT RLB-R-Site

    Apartment & Commercial 

    Our smoke vents are electrically operated which allows the release of smoke and heat from buildings in the case of fire. This ensures key escape routes such as stairwells and corridors stay accessible with minimal smoke build-up.

    Industrial: Single & Double Leaf 

    Our single and double leaf smoke vents are electrically operated for the release of smoke and heat in the case of fire in larger industrial and manufacturing areas.

    Opening Louvre 

    Our smoke vents are designed to exhaust heat and smoke during a fire. They are particularly suited to locations that are exposed to high wind loads and in areas requiring high security. Louvre air supply vents provide air supply and are installed in external walls or smoke shafts.

    Fixed Louvre

    Our Louvre turrets and grilles provide air inlet or extract ventilation for smoke ventilation.  


    • Fully certified to EN 12101-2
    • Compliant with Building Regulation ADB and ADL
    • Opens to 160° within 60 seconds
    • Range of models
    • Manual or electronic opening
    • Provides natural comfort ventilation
    • Impact-resistant to EN 1873 1200 joules and are therefore certified non-fragile
    • Available as square, rectangular or circular
    • Available with a glazed or solid insulated lid
    • Available with PVC upstands
    • PVC upstands available in heights of 150, 300 or 350mm
    • Optional Wind Deflector to increase aerodynamic value (Cv)


    • Life-saving devices that greatly increase occupant's chances of survival in the event of a fire outbreak
    • Provides natural comfort ventilation and can be operated for roof access and maintenance
    • Can be specified with solid insulated covers, or impact-resistant multiwall polycarbonate covers to double as skylights

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