Tesla Powerwall 2

    Tesla PowerWall II

    App for Tesla Powerwall II Battery Storage Solution
    App for Tesla Powerwall II Battery Storage Solution Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer Logo Tesla Powerwall II on a British Home

    Sleek design and intelligent software meet sustainability and off-grid independence with Tesla Powerwall. A huge innovation in solar battery technology, Tesla Powerwall offers the opportunity for a 100% self-powered home. It can potentially provide over seven days of power during an outage with its impressive 13.5kWh usable capacity. As a single unit, that's the largest capacity domestic battery available on the market! 


    • Useable capacity - 13.5 kWh
    • Scalable up to 10 PowerWalls
    • Efficiency - 90% round trip
    • Peak power - 7 kW
    • Continuous power- 5 kW
    • Warranty - 10 years
    • Addition of a Gateway 2 
    • Dimensions - 380mm x 584mm
    • Weight- 114 kg
    • Operating temperature -  -20°C to 50°C


    • Compact and simple
    • Maintenance free
    • Touch safe technology
    • Suitable for powering your home and electric vehicle with renewable energy
    • Reduce your reliance on the grid
    • Store excess energy from your solar panels for use anytime
    • Usable during a power outage
    • Guaranteed an 80% end-of-warranty capacity after ten years
    • Compatibility app offering full control and monitoring 24/7

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