Eurener MEPV 120 Half-Cut 2

    Eurener is an industrial group established in 1997 by the European Center for Innovative Enterprises (CEEI). Throughout these 25 years of experience, they have developed a production process and know-how that has resulted in a certified product of high quality and multiple applications, establishing a relationship of total trust with their customers thanks to their personalised service.

    Since the beginning, they have worked to promote solar energy globally, strengthening multiple partners in different countries and continents. They have always been driven to work under the standards of quality, commitment and demand of a family business with a culture based on effort, creativity and excellence.


    • 30-year warranty - The performance warranty has been increased 90% at the 30th year
    • Efficiency of more than 22%
    • Interdigitated back contact. Removing the busbars from the front side reduces the effect of shadows on the solar cells.
    • Total black appearance without connections on the front size for a perfect integration in facades and roo

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